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Circles and Its Models

Service Provided

The Brief

Circles aim to offer a beautifully curated range which appeals to all budgets, and makes shopping preloved both easy and pleasurable. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce landfill waste by extending product life cycle, reuse and repurpose by giving day to day lifestyle products new homes piece by piece.

Circles team approached us due to the uncertain  profitability of their business model and not being able to do financial projection due to lack of collected primary and secondary data in Myanmar for businesses that work with pre-loved and refurbished goods.

Our Solutions​

Involving all stakeholders and also key players from the same sector, we began by analyzing the business model, pulling out risk factors to consider and finally constructing a financial model based on the business model, risk factors, etc.

The Outcome​

Circles was launched successfully in March 2022, and has not just been well celebrated by its customers and sellers, but also has been able to make informed decisions by having business and financial models, risk management, and clear runway.