Sokorro Group

Co-creating Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar's IWD2022 Campaign

Service Provided

The Brief

Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar (CCPBM) wanted to co-create a campaign – celebrating the resilience and courage of Burmese women, especially in weathering the ongoing pandemic and political crisis in the country.

A group of women empowered by the Swan Yi program and with the support of CCPBM, produced eight types of masks using the cloth patterns indigenous to Myanmar and selected .

Our Approach

CCPBM produced eight types of masks using the cloth patterns indigenous to Myanmar. These masks are crafted by a group of women in the “Swan Yi” women’s economic empowerment program. Sokorro Group used these elements and built the campaign around it. A technical brief was constructed to cement our direction followed by a strategy to engage and create an impactful experience.

Sokorro Group collaborated with Aye Thet San for the cover art and Saw Banya Lay to capture the visuals.

Our Solutions

Sokorro Group came up with a physical product: stacked indigenous masks, a story card, and the packaging.To bring awareness to the Swan Yi program and share inspiring stories of Myanmar women, our creatives created responsive visual assets that communicate and be the identity for a long time-not just confined to IWD2022.


The Outcome

300 designed packages each with 8 different ethnic pattern face masks and a story card reached CCPBM’s stakeholders globally and widely celebrated on LinkedIn by Coca-Cola’s stakeholders. The responsive visuals captured for this campaign has been showcased on Coca-Cola global website, used by CCPBM social media pages and more.