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Digital Divide and Covid-19: Myanmar’s Covid-19 Comic Book

Service Provided

The Brief

As Myanmar faced a disastrous third wave of COVID-19 amidst the coup, Sokorro Group and Myanmar Kitchen collaborated to create a COVID-19 Safety and Prevention awareness campaign for kids and teenagers residing in marginalized communities, where the fatality rate is seen the highest.

Our biggest challenge is to overcome the large digital divide in Myanmar and translate evidence-based measures and wellness information – that are normally a jargon of scientific writings to kids.

Our Solutions​

We created a visually striking, fun, evidence-based and engaging comic strip on three themes around COVID-19 which includes COVID-19 & Mental Wellness, COVID-19 mythbusters based on myths circulating on Myanmar social media channels, and Safe Disposal of COVID-19 wastes with the help of local volunteer artists. The comic strips are not only released in digital medium but also bagged sponsorship from WaterAid Myanmar, allowing us to print over 3,400 physical copies – reaching overpopulated slums to regions without basic network coverage across Myanmar.

The Outcome​

Organically, the comic strips reached more than 35,000 individuals across Myanmar prompting people of Myanmar to help stop the spread of the virus