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Wazi Karana Traditional Myanmar Medicine Streamlining Workflows

Service Provided

The Brief

Wazi Karana is one of the oldest and reputed traditional Burmese medicine producers, founded by renowned medical herbalist Sayar U Aung Than. Wazi Karana board approached us to solve their current workflow that lacks agility and hinder adaptability to match the current market and it advances.

Our Solutions​

Detailed auditing of the existing workflows are observed and collected at Wazi Karana’s Pakokku and Yangon factories to identify outdated and redundant practices. Two draft optimized workflows are proposed and implemented in respective factories during the development phase to monitor which suits best not just objectively but also keeps the employees and stakeholders engaged and productive.

The Outcome​

Our workflow solutions saved approximately 3,820 man-hours and increased overall workflow efficiency by 24 percentile.